Biggest Announcement Since the First Apple iPhone

Elon Musk’s Tesla Battery Day

The iPhone changed everything about communication and information.

Tesla battery day will change everything about energy and transportation, and provide a

transition to cheap, sustainable, carbon free energy.

It’s Not About the Cars


Tesla is the 12th largest US corporation by market cap. While Tesla makes beautiful hi-tech cars, it isn’t their prospects for cars that create all that value. Some say it is because of their tech. Others say it is because data is king, and Tesla has the data. Many look forward to autonomous cars and Robotaxis. All of these things are components that will drive Tesla to soon becoming the most valuable company on the planet. But the foundation of that future is batteries.


Technology, transportation and energy are three of the largest business sectors. The biggest companies in the world are in these categories. Tesla is likely to be the dominant player in at least two of these, transportation and energy, and will be a huge player in the technology space. Many who follow Tesla closely believe that Elon Musk’s company will be the first to cross over $1 trillion in sales.


He Who Makes the Best Battery Wins


The battery is the key. Batteries will be the power source for most, if not all, vehicles including: Cars, trucks, busses, boats, ships, and even planes. Batteries will take over all the peaker plant work in the world and help to balance the grid. Batteries will be used as back up sources in most homes and buildings.


Therefore, whoever makes the most powerful, longest lasting, least expensive batteries can either make the products that are associated with those batteries, sell the batteries to those that do make those products, or license the technology to other battery makers.


On Tuesday Tesla will announce that through their breakthroughs in battery chemistry, battery design, and battery manufacturing capabilities, they will be the undisputed leader in all aspects of batteries years into the future. Key to this will be price parity of electric cars and trucks with internal combustion vehicles, and a path to the manufacturing capacity to produce the needed batteries to fill future demand.




Because of these breakthroughs, the world can make the transition from fossil fuels to solar/wind/battery/EV and eliminate the threat of global warming due to manmade CO2 production.


To learn more about Elon Musk and his Methods, please read: The Elon Musk Method, now available on Amazon as Kindle, paperback, or audio.


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