Multiply Your Salesforce with E-TEAM - Offering B2B Networking, Referral Opportunities


If your salesforce is calling on local businesses, E-TEAM is offering an amazing new method to expand your reach. Imagine if each of your sales people had 15-25 associates who called on the very same clients you are seeking to sell to. And, what if each of those associates was looking for ways to get you (or your salesperson) an appointment with their clients?














You don’t need to imagine it. Such an opportunity exists. E-TEAM is the newest concept in network referral groups. Every member of every chapter calls exclusively or primarily on local businesses, your perfect prospects. As such, everyone in attendance is a perfect power partner!


  • The very best of face-to-face networking, events, virtual (on-line) networking and customized networking groups!

  • Warm referrals to grow your business. Prospects are expecting your call.

  • Opportunities to leverage yourself! Build the right relationships to grow!

  • More effective marketing time. Learn to communicate in a way that gets you the BEST referrals possible!

  • Each chapter offering up to 50 business meetings a year to market your business!

  • Exclusivity with only one person per business category.

  • Incredible SEO! TEAM delivers “unmatched in the industry” web presence!

  • A jump start to your business success with our “New Member Training”.

  • Networking education – workshops, weekly network trainings, conferences.

  • Member only events to maximize professional development and relationships.

  • Support from local TEAM Management.

  • Business expo space! (at TEAM’s expense!)

  • Opportunities to build long lasting business relationships!

  • A great way to help your local community. We have partnership opportunities to “give back” through our “Community Outreach” program.


Now Forming Chapters in Upland, Pomona, Brea, Anaheim, Downtown Riverside, Redlands, and Covina

Please check out two of our E-TEAM Chapters here and here. We are in the process of opening chapters throughout Southern California. If you would like to help build an E-TEAM in your area, please email


The following is a list of the top B2B categories that are likely to be interested in E-TEAM. There are many more potential categories.

  1. Payroll service

  2. Staffing company

  3. Commercial insurance

  4. Lender (s)

  5. CPA and/or bookkeeper

  6. Commercial photographer

  7. IT managed services

  8. Website/social media

  9. Sign makers

  10. Merchant Services

  11. Commercial Realtor

  12. Graphic Artist

  13. Promo Products

  14. Charitable organization

  15. Supplemental Insurance

  16. Security alarm installer

  17. Buildout contractor

  18. Commercial HVAC

  19. Guard service

  20. Business Broker

  21. Business Consultant

  22. Business Coach



E-TEAM Chapters are Category Exclusive and by Invitation Only. If you have multiple sales professionals in Southern California, and you would like to be first to be notified of new chapter openings before your competitor secures the opening, please email Randy@TeamReferralNetwork to discuss.

Master Mind Plus A Referral Group Equals Business Success

SoCal Masterminds Now Building E-TEAM Chapters in Southern California

Successful business owners clearly understand the benefits of networking and collaboration. There has never been a time when any business could be built without the owners and managers investing time, money, and talent in building a rolodex (data base) of those individuals and companies that would represent needed pieces in the puzzle required to meet the goals of the organization.

In the past, the most likely first club to join may have been a service club like Rotary, a fraternal organization like Lions, and the local chamber of commerce. Most companies both then and now belonged to one or more industry specific organizations. Today the list is seeing a major change.

Service clubs, fraternal organizations, and Chambers are all in decline. Sure, there are plenty of fantastic examples still working hard to service the community. Riverside has an amazing chamber and several good Rotary groups. But, overall, these types of organizations are not at the forefront anymore. What has come to take their place?

Referral Groups started hitting the scene about 50 years ago, and have become the front line for business networking. Where the other types of business owner groups were about service first, and networking second, referral groups are clear about their purpose. Members expect an ROI for their participation.

Mastermind groups have been around for over 100 years, but only in the last 30 has there been organizations such as Vistage that worked to establish such groups. Today there is a huge movement and multiple companies creating new groups, and others are being established as DIY efforts by groups of local business associates.

Today, smart business people are more likely to have a membership in a Mastermind group and a referral networking group, and the two compliment each other perfectly. Referral groups are all about lead generation. Mastermind is about peer-to-peer collaboration designed to help companies and their leaders become more effective in their professional and personal lives.

B2B E-TEAM Referral Network Chapters

Most referral groups such as TEAM, BNI, LeTip, Stars, and ProVisors are made up of members whose businesses serve both consumers and other businesses. Some are all consumer such as a wedding photographer. Some sell only to other businesses such as a commercial realtor. Some sell to both, such as a printer. This has been a successful approach for five decades. But now TEAM has started offering a variation for those who are mostly interested in expanding their B2B sales.

In these new  E-TEAM groups, the members are only there to refer B2B opportunities. The staffing company calls on the same type of customers as the payroll company or the merchant services rep. As such, it is easy to pass on the names of potential customers along with a warm introduction to others in the group that would love to start selling to that same buyer.


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